Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Updated website

Hello everybody.

I've been updating my website over the past fortnight or so, and i've got it to a point that i'm happy with. The lottery of inputting codes into the correct holes seems to have worked, though the dance performed to ascertain website update success seems to have also brought the rain!

It is mostly a cosmetic update, though there is some new work in there also so please have a look!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


This image is something submitted for a competition ran by Atlantic Press. The brief was to design the next in their series of icons. Unfortunately I wasn't selected as a winner, but as an image I really enjoyed it, and as a brief something really interested me, and got me thinking.

As well as representing a potential progression of the narrative already set off by the previous icons; the image is partly based on the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner. So far the icons show a shipwrecked man, landed on a desert island, where he meets and falls in love with a swan, which then births a freak, swan/human hybrid.

The idea behind my image is that the team searching for survivors see the swan and shoot it, the image of the sailor bearing the dead swan around his neck references the Ancient Mariner having to carry the albatross around his neck and represents the both the search party having to live with their failure at finding the man due to killing that which would have led them to him. It also then represents the shipwrecked man having to to live with his sins with only his swan-child as company.

What I really loved about this brief was seeing how much information and narrative I could offer within one image, whilst still attempting to keep the image simple enough to act as an icon. The result was that I had to think more intellectually and philosophically about the illustration I was making, and use symbolism to help enrich the image. This in turn makes the image somewhat more abstract and open to interpretation which, when you put into consideration that my image is meant to be one in a sequence, make it all the more intriguing as you start to think about what comes next.


Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Sea Inside

This is up on Amazon now so i'm sure I can put it up here now! I worked on this book through the end of last year, illustrating the dust jacket and chapter openers. A really great project and (another) really great book by Philip Hoare!

Also, i've been keeping another blog over at  it's mainly illustrations and images that I like and a few of my sketchbook drawings in there for good measure! And it may explain some of the silence on this blog!

Friday, 2 November 2012


Hello there!

I'm currently working on some illustrations for a book about animals (to put it vaguely), the image i've uploaded is actually just a kind of random sketchbook thing but I like how it looks. I'll post some more animal drawings at some point. Natural history has always been of interest to me, I love it in fact! So illustrating animals for a book is definitely a dream come true, and it is a very interesting book! More news to come!

Take care.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

In the wake of the Leviathan

 I was recently involved in the organisation of 'The Leviathan' a 24 hour comic event held at Peninsula Arts Gallery. I must say, I feel it was a great success, so happy with it. You can see the website with all the fantastic work on it here

Here are some photos from the event..

It was great having the event at the Peninsula gallery, set amidst their 'Making Great Illustration' exhibition. It created a very inspiring environment to work in, and an interesting duality between the illustrators hard at work mid-process and the finished framed and presented illustrations on display on the walls.

I've experienced a couple of 24 hour comic events now and I must say it really is amazing how much diversity there is in not just the work, but in the experience of creating, lessons to learn and barriers to break down. I could go on about it for ages but instead i will just say, if you get the opportunity to take part in one, it's well worth it!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Dinosaur Dinner

When Richard Owen and Benjamin Waterhouse-Hawkins built the dinosaur statues that are now in Crystal Palace Gardens they held a New years eve feast inside the model of their Iguanodon. It's an image I always loved as a child.

So here is an illustration of the occasion i've been working on. I haven't written a story as such, but I do have a few ideas for pages based on the discovery, fossil hunting and classification of dinosaurs.

As you may guess from this and The Lost World illustrations I have done, this sort of era and attitude of discovery and exploration and learning is something that I really like. It seems almost as though fairytales met with science at this point in time. I don't mean because a lot of the scientist where religious, but more in the sense of imagination and possibility science had opened up for the people of the time.

I love the fact the dinosaur statues have remained unaltered from then despite the advancements and revisions made over the years. It acts as a reminder to keep moving forward whilst maintaining a respect for what is old.

Hope you like it!

ps. The song they're singing is actually what the men were purportedly sang once they had had a few Sherries!

Friday, 7 September 2012

The Leviathan 24 hour comic


Here's my poster for the up and coming 24 hour comic event being held at Peninsula Arts Gallery on 19/20 september part of the Plymouth International Book Festival.

It's called 'The Leviathan' and thematically coincides with the Big Read in which a load of celebs (including David Attenborough and Benedict Cumberbatch!) are reading parts of Herman Melville's Moby-Dick. There's also a talk after the 24 hours by Phillip Hoare, author of a book called 'Leviathan or, The Whale' which is a really fascinating read, greatly recommended!

Really looking forward to the event, you'll be able to follow it's progress Live on the website

Take it easy!